Funny Smell Coming From Your Air Con?
Do you have a split system , a ducted or even an evaporative air conditioning unit.  Probably or you wouldn't be on this page!  Did you know that all the major air conditioning manufacturers recommend the regular cleaning of their units to prevent reduced air quality and higher running costs. Neesh can help if you live in Perth W.A.

Here at Neesh we can save you the expense of having a complete service which can be very costly and usually not necessary. We can clean,  sanitise and disinfect  your unit which will not only reduce the possibility of on going health problems but will also help to lower your utility bill. A must all year round if you have a reverse cycle unit.
      What Needs To Be Done Before A Long Hot Summer
Now that the warmer months are on their way, it's very important that your air con unit is clean and ready for the summer heat. During the summer a lot of nasties hide out in your  air con, on the filters, coils and in the vents of interior split system units, the outlet ceiling vents of  a ducted unit and the pads and water channels of an evaporative rooftop cooler. They are all breeding grounds for toxic bacteria, mould and fungi and that leads to poorer air quality in your home or office, which in turn leads to numerous health problems, including a higher risk of allergies, asthma and influenza. Don't take our word for it, ask the World Health Organisation or the CSIRO, they agree on the dangers of dirty air conditioners.

A clogged ducted return filter, dirty coils, fins and filters in a split system wall unit or a neglected evaporative rooftop cooler results in the unit having to work harder to achieve the airflow and temperature you require, which of course means higher power bills and no one wants that, except of course the utility companies.

We can thoroughly clean,sanitise and disinfect your unit for a fraction of the cost of a service, using people friendly, biodegradable, non corrosive chemicals. This process will kill all the microorganisms that have set up home in your air con and when repeated once or twice  a year, depending on your circumstances, will stop regrowth from occuring.

Here at Neesh our motto is Cleaner Air + Lower Bills and we achieve this by making sure your split system, ducted or rooftop evaporative air conditioning unit is clean and performing at it's optimum all year round.We service both North and South of the river and are experts in the rental property area.

Look to your right and you'll see what we do and what's lurking in your wall unit.

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Contact us:
Phone Neil   (NOR): 0432 926 082

Phone Mark (SOR): 0406 891 927
Email: neeshaccs@yahoo.com.au
 What It Will Cost You
We would love to do this for nothing but unfortunately there are bills to pay, so here are our charges.

One x Wall Unit Cleaned From - $79 to $99

Two x Wall Units Discount of 10%

Three Or More Wall Units Discount Of 15%

Return Vent & Filter-Clean Ducted A/C From - $59

Room Vents -  Ducted A/C From - $15

Rooftop Evaporative Unit Cleaned From - $99.
(Single storey dwelling)

*Please note, we are bacteria and mould killers, not technicians, so we will only clean  the units.